Data Interpretation

Moksha provides various mechanisms that allow applications to more easily interpret dynamic data and act on it.

Live streams

Any data source, even if moksha has to occasionally poll it, can be displayed as a ‘live’ widget. Producers can also easily expose themselves through an AMQP/STOMP message queue or 0mq message filter, allowing other applications and services to interact with new data, as it is discovered.


Moksha allows plugins to monitor arbitrary message “topics”, giving developers the ability to register actions on arbitrary events. Consumers (when designed well) form elementary building blocks and can be strung in a conceptual pipeline not unlike Unix programs.

Extension Points

Moksha gives developers the ability to add additional functionality to predictable patterns found within dynamic data streams. For example, an extension point could find all occurences of known project names within a data feed, and easily turn them into a dynamic hover menu that could display related data.