What is Moksha?

In their totality, Moksha’s components make it a platform, framework, architecture, and hub.

A Platform

A highly scalable platform for creating dashboards of live collaborative widgets. Moksha makes it simple for these widgets to extract and extend data from arbitrary resources in an intuitive and efficient manner.

A Framework

Compiled from the best-of-breed components, Moksha applications are written using stable pre-existing modules that allow for the rapid creation of powerful applications. It is designed to allow non-developers to easily develop applications in isolation, without worrying about the under/over-lying software stack.

An Architecture

Moksha brings many existing technologies together to create a next-generation web architecture that is designed to simplify the creation of rich, powerful, live web applications that can easily bridge existing services.

A Hub

Moksha also acts as a live notification hub that allows people and other applications and services to create, publish, and subscribe to arbitrary message streams.