Global Resource Injection

Moksha has plugin suport for Global Resources, which are just JavaScript or CSS widgets that will get automatically injected in every page by the GlobalResourceInjectionWidget.

Moksha will load all tw2.core.JSLink, tw2.core.CSSLink, and tw2.core.Widget ToscaWidgets that are on the [] entry-point.

Installing a Global Resource Widget

By default Moksha includes only its live socket widget as a global resource. Developers often want to include other resources like jQuery or jQuery UI. Here is an example of what that might look like in your entry-points:


jquery = tw2.jquery:jquery_js
jquery_ui = tw2.jqplugins.ui:jquery_ui

LiveWidget dependency on moksha_socket

As mentioned, GlobalResourceInjectionWidget is also responsible for rendering the moksha_socket which creates the callbacks for any LiveWidget being rendered. Because of the way this works, you should ensure the GlobalResourceInjectionWidget is injected last, after each LiveWidget has been rendered.