Live Widgets

Moksha provides a LiveWidget that handles automatically subscribing your widget to a given message topic, or list of topics. When the widget receives a new message, the onmessage JavaScript callback will be run by the client with JSON data in the json variable.


A basic LiveWidget

Below is an example of a really basic live widget. This widget subscribes to the ‘stuff’ message topic, and will perform an alert upon new messages.

from import LiveWidget

class MyLiveWidget(LiveWidget):
    topic = 'stuff'
    onmessage = 'alert(json);'
    template = "Hi, I'm a live widget!"

Live Feeds

A Live Feed Demo Widget

from import LiveFeedWidget

The Live Feed Widget

The LiveFeedWidget itself is just a simple LiveWidget that uses a little bit of jQuery to add and remove feed entries from a list.

from import LiveWidget
from moksha.feeds.widgets.feed import Feed

class LiveFeedWidget(LiveWidget):
    """ A live streaming feed widget """
    params = {
            'url': 'The feed URL',
            'topic': 'A topic or list of topics to subscribe to',
            'feed': 'A moksha Feed object',
    template = '${feed(id=id, url=url)}'
    onmessage = """
        $.each(json, function() {
            $("#${id} ul li:last").remove();
              .prependTo($("#${id} ul"));
    feed = Feed()

Live Widget Interaction

Live Widget speaking AMQP or STOMP


Live Widget speaking WebSocket to 0mq


Dependency on GlobalResourceInjectionWidget

Under the hood, each LiveWidget depends on the GlobalResourceInjectionWidget to render the the javascript callbacks for their topics. Due to the way this works, you should ensure that the global resources are injected last, after each LiveWidget is rendered.