Using RabbitMQ with Moksha

Moksha is currently being tested with the RabbitMQ AMQP message broker. Eventually, it should be able to work out of the box with any AMQP broker out there, but for now we need RabbitMQ because it has STOMP bindings. Since the AMQP javascript bindings are currently under development, our widgets have to speak in the STOMP protocol to the broker, through Orbited.

Install and run RabbitMQ

Moksha comes with a simple run script that should take care of everything for you.

# yum -y install erlang{,-esdl}
$ cd rabbitmq
$ ./run

Configure Moksha to use RabbitMQ.

Edit Moksha’s orbited.cfg and comment out the stomp listener.

# This enables Orbited's built-in MorbidQ message queue.
# Comment this out if to use your own, eg: RabbitMQ

Then, edit Moksha’s development.ini to point to your RabbitMQ broker.

stomp_broker = localhost
stomp_port = 61613
stomp_user = guest
stomp_pass = guest

Production modifications

Change the password of the guest account

rabbitmqctl change_password username newpassword

Then open Moksha’s development.ini and set the stomp_user and stomp_pass to your newly set credentials.